The Son of Bigfoot



Directed by: Ben Stassen
Written by: Cal Brunker
Starring: Cinda Adams/ Cal Brunker
Release date: 2017/10/14

The 13-year-old teenager Adam, who has been under the sole care of his mother after the early death of his father, fails to get along well with his classmates and always wants to lead a life out of campus. Occasionally, he discovers the deep secret concealed by his mother for a long time that his father is still alive in somewhere this world. Adam then resolutely sets out on a quest for his father, only to find that he is the none other than the legendary Bigfoot with superpower after setting foot into the primeval forest! To his surprise, Adam is also gifted with superpower from his father! However, they are involved in a dark plot when preparing to make up for the lost time together......Will they, father and son, pull through it with one heart?