This Is Not What I Expected



Executive Producer: Peter Chan/Jo Jo Hui
Directed by: Xu Hongyu
Screenplay by: Li Yuan/ Xu Yimeng
Starring:Takeshi Kaneshiro/Zhou Dongyu/Sean Sun/Ming Xi/Tony Yang
Running time: 103min
Release Date:2017/04/27

Gu Shengnan (Zhou Dongyu) works as a creative chef in the western restaurant in Broadway Hotel. She is ragged, imprudent, and muddle-headed. When the hotel is trapped in the crisis of closing and may be acquired by an international
consortium, she is also forced to accept the ending to her secretive loving relationship with the general manager Cheng Ziqian (Tony Yo-ning Yang), suffering the double blow of losing her boyfriend as well as her job. Another leading role, the president of international hotel consortium Lu Jin (Takeshi Kaneshiro) is arrogant, demanding, and picky with food. When investigating into the hotel, he is upset at first, but then attracted by the excellent cooking skill of Gu who is temporaily tasked to try her hand to impress the eccentric man. As the old saying goes, “No discord, no concord.” They gradually get closer to each other in an interwoven fate...