48 Days on the Road



Release date: October 14, 2011 – October 16, 2011
Production Team: He Nian Theatre Studio 
Executive Producer: He Nian
Writer: Wen Ya 
Director: Guo Hongbo 
Starring: Jia Jinghui, Yuan Ye, Li Li, Wang Jue, Liu Xuanrui, Wang Ziyin
Li Dong is a typical " Male Cinderella ". He is admitted to a university in bustling Shanghai, which is envied by rural people and cared much by his father back at home. During the years after graduation, he goes through a lot from body to mind. He believes he is now a real urbanite. However, since his new supervisor comes to work in the company, Li Dong suffers all kinds of setbacks. When he misses his father and finally decides to visit him for the first time in many years, the Spring Festival is already drawing near.
A son, a chunyuan period, a journey, and a destination.
48 Days on the Road is themed of father-son relationship and Chunyun (Spring Festival travel rush). It tells a real life story of ordinary people and depicts heart-warming details from the aspect of the son. It makes people laugh with tears, and let them identified with the same feeling.
This drama also highlights all kinds of kind people, bad people, weird people; good things, terrible things, and weird things. Six actors play countless roles and present the human nature through lively emotional displays. This drama will touch your heart and lead you to feeling the different way from that of the reality.