Scarlet Heart



Director: Li Bonan
Writers: Liang Xinyue, Wen Ya
Starring: Gong Xiao, Shen Lei
Genre: Romance/Alternate History
Presented by: Yang Shaolin, Wang Fengchang, Dong Ping
Art Director: Lyu Liang
Executive Producer: He Nian
Producers: Huang Yiping, Wang Mengwei
Based on the novel by: Dai Yinxia
The idea of creating the drama Scarlet Heart is first post in public by He Nian’s weibo. It is also one of Shanghai Drama Valley's repertoires during performance season. Li Bonan, the outstanding young director from Beijing, and many talented young actors from Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center are invited to produce the drama, which was premiered in Shanghai Art Theater on February 14, 2012. Noticeably, the cast from Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center happen to be the dubbing team for the TV show of the same title.