Queen of Coquetry



Director: He Nian
Starring: Wan Qiwen, Zheng Zhizhi, Wang Yinan, Zhang Ying, Liu Meiyu, Yan Jiale, Chen He, Xu Zihao, Yang Haoyu, Zhang Ruihan, Xie Shuai, Li Chuanying
Language: Mandarin
Beijing Performance
Dates: December 2 to 3, 2011,19:30
Venue: Poly Theatre
Shanghai Performance
Dates: December 6 to 17, 2011, 19:30
Venue: Shanghai Art Theater
In four cities, four women each has her different love experiences. Amanda, a capable woman in Hong Kong, is used to the meticulous care from her boyfriend, but her strong way of coquetry hurts his pride; Zhou Ying, a little gentle woman in Shanghai, is a dreamer, and uses coquetry to pave her way for success, while coquetry should be meant only for the man she loves;Li Mo, an older unmarried woman in Beijing, has loved a married man for ten years, but regains the courage to step out the cage she built for herself after meeting Chen Sihan; Mei Yu, a housewife in Taipei, her husband and housework are her whole life, but she is not happy with her stay-at-home life. With the help of an elegant and cultured man she shows her other side to her husband, and her coquetry successfully makes him understand that they need care and attention to keep love fresh.
Each woman has her own way of coquetry, but only the man beside her can understand it, just as the goodness in each man can only be understood by the woman beside him.