Love is Not Blind



Title: Love is Not Blind 
Release date: 
Director: Tian Shui
Executive Producer: He Nian 
Producer: Yu Lina
Stage Design: Li Bolin
Genre: Romance
Starring: Fu Yawen, Xie Shuai
Language: Mandarin
 The movie Love is Not Blind is a girl's love story, but the drama is through a boy's version, an unknown lovelorn story about Wang Xiaojian.
Why does Wang Xiaojian start to feel pity for Huang Xiaoxian, the "tomboy" who works with him and fights with him for two years, on the day she breaks up with her boyfriend? Why does he slap her on the face when she tries to regain the lost love through begging? Why does he step up and stage the stunning yet splendid "wedding drama" with her? All these questions will find their answers in Wang Xiaojian's story.