Tender Temptation



Starring: Hou Tianlai, Lin Jinglai, Han Ye, Yang Ziyan
Directed by: Zhang Zuquan
Genre: Modern, Family, Ethics
Release Date: 
Tender Temptation consists of three independent stories: the Professor, the Flight Attendant and the High-ranking Official. The seemingly innocent yet wily female editor takes advantage of others' kindness and sympathy, which seals her fate to be down. The flight attendant treats herself as commodity and treats marriage as a deal; she wants to pick the finest ear of wheat in the field, but only after she walks out does she realize her greed gives her nothing. The high-ranking official confuses power with charm, which leads to his destruction. With the theme of “Faced with temptation, what should we do?” Tender Temptation provides clear answers with different people's fated ending: Justice has long arms; Good will be rewarded with good and Evil with evil; cherish your family ,especially the people who love you and the kind people. 
Tender series are themed with the most popular topic: “love, marriage and lies”, and through episodic series, it presents the pain of deception and betrayal which are suffered by urban men and women, in the hope of bringing more love experiences to the audience. 
Release Locations:
20 provinces and cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Tianjin, Heilongjiang, Jilin, and Liaoning, etc.