As Long as You Live Better Than Me



Directed by: Ma Lujian
Written by: Yu Manyang
Starring: Zhang Guoqiang, Wen Zhengrong, Chen Chuang, Li Lin, Song Yi, Qi Ji, Yan Qingyuan 
Release Date: 
It was first released on March 13, 2012 by Shandong Qilu TV and Zhejiang Satellite TV.
The TV series is set in “May Seventh Cadre Schools” in the 1970s and tells the life and love story of two generations of a family.
Yang Bai (played by Wen Zhengrong) is a famous qingyi of the city Peking Opera troupe. Zhou Ziheng's (played by Zhang Guoqiang) mother dislikes her for her job and even threatens him with her own life if her son will marry her. Though Zhou Ziheng is deeply in love with Yang Bai, but he has to obey his mother; Yang Bai is disheartened, and chooses her husband by drawing straws. She marries Xia Bowen (played by Chen Chuang) and gives birth to a daughter Xiao Bai (played by Song Yi).
Xiao Bai accidentally sees her mother hugging Uncle Zhang. It is too hard for her to understand and accept. She tells her father, but unexpectedly Xia Bowen slaps her on the face. It becomes even more difficult for Xiao Bai to understand and leaves a psychological impact on her.
Xiao Bai and Da Peng (played by Qi Ji), Zhou Ziheng's son, grow up together and like each other. But Xiao Bai is still hung up on the childhood "incident" and gets very emotional occasionally. After her father's decease, she finally breaks out. She hates her mother and Uncle Zhou for being together and often turns against her intentionally. She even risks her happiness and marries Zhuzi (played by Yan Qingyuan), whom she does not love, but just wants to prove she is right. Yang Bai fears her daughter will repeat her mistakes, so she kneels down to beg her in tears, but she does not listen to her mom.
Many years after marriage, Xiao Bai realizes she is having the same pain as her mother and gradually understands mom’s sufferings.