Li Chuntian's Spring



Directed by: Yu Chun
Written by: Zhuang Yu
Starring: Song Dandan, Xu Yajun, Li Chongxiao, Li Jiaxuan 
Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance
Release Date: 2011/07/20

38-year-old Li Chuntian (Song Dandan) is still unmarried, which makes her friends and parents worry about she will be “single” forever. Li has participated in many blind dates suggested by her parents and friends, and also considered about her colleagues, but things did not work out for her. Afterwards, an accident of rear-end collision brought she and Liang Bing (Xu Yajun) together. They gradually became the opponents of non-stop fighting to each other. Nevertheless, their increasing interwoven work contact made things better. Li Chuntian’s sister Li Siyang (Li Fengxu) also ended her failed marriage abroad and returned, while one of her previous pursuers Zhang Yinan (Li Chongxiao) will get married with Li Chuntian’s good friend Liu Qingqing (Li Jiaxuan). Li Siyang who was spoiled by her parents also noticed Liang Bing and intended to let her sister introduce her to Liang, but was rejected by him politely. Does Liang fall in love with Li Chuntian? Liang has so many secrets, which makes their love much difficult.