Mother's Glorious Days



Starring: Song Dandan, Lin Yongjian, Ba Tu, Yang Ziyan
Directed by: Yu Chun
Written by: Li Xuebing
Genre: Modern, Family, Ethics
Release Date: 
Wen Ying, a 69-year-old primary school teacher, is finally retired, and yet her life after retirement is not as easy as she expected. Her four children all have their own problems to worry about in life, while Wen Ying is informed that after a medical examination she only has six months to live. She writes down her bucket list and decides to secretly try the things she has never tried before.
In the process, she finds that she still has a lot to worry about her children, so one by one, she replaces the wishes on the list with her children's problems. After knowing about her illness and the bucket list, her children decide to keep it that way and help her fulfill her wishes. The mother gradually realizes her children  know her illness. While they all have to face the fact that she is dying, the mother and her children now have a new understanding for each other, which also encourages other people around them to value family’s importance and life’s preciousness.
Release locations:
20 provinces and cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Tianjin, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, etc.