Take the Wrong Car



Genre: Drama
Directed by: Luo Canran
Starring: Ma Shaohua, Guan Xiaotong
Release date: 
The well-known song Jiou Gan Tang Mai Wu touches countless audiences and reveals to them the inspirational life of a nobody. In the 1980s, Tong Lin, a dumb bachelor, found a baby girl at his door, so he adopted her and named her "Xiao Mei". Though objected by his family and misunderstood by his friends, Tong Lin raises Xiao Mei up and supports her in her singing career with his slender income earned by collecting recyclable garbage. Tong Lin bears all the hardship alone. After a rebellious adolescence, Xiao Mei truly understands the selfless love her foster father has for her. Take the Wrong Car is a moving and inspirational family story.
Release Locations:
The TV play was broadcasted on January 11, 2016 by Shandong Satellite TV, Shandon TV, Jilin Rural Channel, Henan City Channel, Hebei Farmer Channel, Tianjin Art Channel, Hubei Economics Television, Hunan Entertainment TV and Shanxi TV-Channel 2.