Mission Impossible: Love



Genre: Drama, Romance
Directed by: Yu Chun
Starring: Yao Di, Lei Jiayin, Fan Ming, Song Dandan
Release Date: 2015/12/02 

Ding Xiaoyu (Yao Di) has been in a romantic relationship with her boyfriend Che Zijun (Lei Jiayin) for several years, firmly believing they were meant for each other; however, one day, she saw a female netizen sitting in Che’s car coincidently. Che’s attempted cheating broke the trust between them. With her best friend Piao Ermin (Wang Jiajia), Ding made a program called “300 Coping Ways to Enemies”, under which, they tried everything to prevent and block Che from cheating. But Che is a fashionable man who loves to hang out at night, and he even took his colleague Tong Guoqing as his cover. Thus, the modern spy game of reconnaissance and anti-reconnaissance, cheating and anti-cheating has begun. To cooperate with their friends, Piao and Tong got increasingly closer to each other. Che said that Tong is a middle-aged hunger man who is divorced and has a child; but in Piao’s investigation, she found out that Tong is a good father, one of a kind. Therefore, Piao began to court Tong, which was supported by Tong’s daughter Tong Hua. Tong Hua is a rebellious teenager while Piao is an artistic woman who is above the average age for marriage. But when Piao and Tong were together, the conflict between Tong Hua and Piao emerged gradually. Although they made a lot of troubles, but they still had a happy ending.