Full-time Master



Director by:
Written by:
Starring: Yang Yang, Song Zuer

The audition of actors was carried out on May 5, 2016 [3]; its Season 1 is expected to be broadcasted in 2018. 
As the “God” of eSports game Glory, Ye Xiu was forced to leave his team due to his offence to the club, and reduced to a manager in an internet Café. To continue his dream in playing Glory, he returned to the game with his new account card and exclaimed “I want to complete my dream in Glory” for other players. Facing injustice and power, Ye Xiu, with other players in Glory, set up a team called “Joyful Flourish”.  Ultimately, he led the team to crown the eSport game Glory through difficulties and obstacles.
Five-star original work in Chinese
Literature miracle created by hundreds of thousands netizens
5 million Chinese characters in 14 paper books
Serialized for three years, eagerly followed by hundreds of thousands readers