White Night



Directed by: Wang Wei 
Starring: Pan Yueming/Yu Longzheng 
Premiere: Aug. 30, 2017 (in Mainland China)
Episodes: 32
Running Time of Each Episode: 45 min
Alternate Title: Day and Night Season 1 

The first suspense TV series featured with tough guys score 9.1 points in Douban, which is followed by netizens enthusiastically. 
The content of the story: A massacre made Guan Hongyu who used to be free and unfettered become a suspect on the run. As the chief of the criminal investigation detachment, Guan Hongyu’s twin brother Guan Hongfeng swore to find out the truth. However, due to the principle of avoiding relatives, Guan Hongfeng’s superior banned him from participating in the investigation of the case, thus he resigned from his position angrily. Under the pressure to crack the case and also for the trace of Guan Hongyu, Zhou Xun, who was transferred to the acting chief of the detachment, designed to allow Guan Hongfeng to continue his investigation into major and important cases as a “consultant”. All of the staffs in police station were concealed from the truth. As a result of “achluophobia”, the “consultant Guan Hongfeng” appeared in the police station at day and night was played by twins in turn. Such a personality contrast is on the verge of betraying their real identity in front of Zhou Xun and other police officers. Braving all odds, they solved a variety of major and important cases to refer to the case of massacre to find out the truth to prove Guan Hongyu’s innocence.